Real-time SMS messaging in Slack.

Communicate in real-time with your customers directly in Slack.

SMS in Slack

Customer Support

Answering a customer question is a Slack message away.

Bring your customer conversations to Slack, where you and your team can collaborate and respond quickly & efficiently, without switching to other applications.

Never miss a customer message again.
Get real-time SMS notifications in Slack and respond to customers directly from the Slack thread.
Get everyone involved in customer support.
Enable anyone in your team to respond to customer messages via dedicated Slack channels.
Provide a seamless customer experience.
Your customers can reach you on their preferred channel, and you can respond from Slack, where you're already working.
Answering a customer question is a Slack message away

SMS Notifications

Never miss a time-critical SMS message again.

Have your team stay connected to partners, vendors, and services, even when you're away from your phone. You can receive SMS messages from any sender.

Time-critical notifications.
Receive order updates, appointment reminders, and other time-critical messages.
Avoid bottlenecks.
Don't rely on a single phone number to receive messages, share messages with everyone in your team.
Receive SMS messages from any sender, including short-codes, toll-free numbers, and international numbers.
Answering a customer question is a Slack message away


We have worked with
amazing people

“Compared to all the other methods this was by far the simplest and most straightforward approach out there. The ability to generate numbers and associate them to a channel, right in the app using the Slack UI, was so beyond simple and wonderfully painless. I had this setup in a matter of minutes.”

Jacob Giordano
Jacob Giordano

“Streamlined the SMS workflow for our team in just a couple of minutes!”

Anthony Accomazzo
Anthony Accomazzo

“SMS to Slack helps us streamline and centralize communications for our shared digital workspace. It is good value for money and easy to install and use. Thanks for solving this annoying problem for us!”

Vice President
Property Development Co.

Manage SMS messaging in Slack

Supercharge your SMS communications

Pay-as-you-go pricing, unlimited features, and a
free trial make it easy to get started.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Only pay for active phone numbers and any received or sent messages.

Compatible with most providers

Compatible with Amazon, Google, SendGrid and many others.


We follow industry best practices, so security is baked right into our product and regular development processes.


Get the power of unlimited phone numbers, text messages, and Slack channels.

Respond to messages

Easily answer senders, acknowledge messages, and reply to alerts with in-thread replies.

Free 7-day trial

Evaluate SMS to Slack risk-free for 7 days. Cancel anytime.

Michael Seibel

Just a piece of advice. I used my personal cell number as the company number and I still regret it a decade later (I get so many stupid calls). Don’t do what I did.

Michael Seibel

Managing Director at Y Combinator

Security First

We value your data and are committed to keeping it safe and secure, our knowledge of security and its importance to your work runs deep.

Development Process

We follow industry best practices, so security is baked right into our product and regular development processes.


Data in transit runs entirely over SSL. Data at rest is encrypted with AES 128/256. Billing information is entirely managed by our PCI-compliant payments provider.

Infrastructure Security

We are committed to highly available infrastructure. It runs on fault-tolerant systems and backups are made daily.

Simple pricing

Pay-as-you-go pricing, pay only for what you use.
No contracts, cancel any time.




per phone number



per Message part*

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  • 14-day free trial
  • In-thread replies
  • Email support
  • Cancel any time

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about SMS to Slack. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please email us. We're happy to help!

How does it work?
Once you install SMS to Slack and configure billing, you can create a phone number and associate it with a Slack channel. When someone sends a text message to that number, it will post to the channel.
Which Slack messages will be sent via SMS?
Only replies to a thread initiated by an incoming SMS will be sent to the original sender via SMS. Any other Slack messages in the channel are ignored.
How long can I try the service?
SMS to Slack offers a 7-day free trial. Where you can test the service and see if it fits your needs.
* What are message parts?
A message part is a single SMS message that is sent to a phone number. If a message is longer than the character limit, it is split into multiple parts and sent as separate messages. Each message part is billed separately.
How are GSM-7 messages split into parts?
Messages containing only GSM 7-bit characters have a maxium limit of 1,600 characters. Messages longer than 160 characters are split into multiple message parts, each part consisting of 153 characters.
How are UCS-2 16-bit messages split into parts?
Messages containing one or more UCS-2 16-bit Unicode characters have a maximum limit of 737 characters. Messages longer than 70 characters are split into multiple message parts, each part consisting of 67 characters.
Do MMS messages have parts?
No. MMS messages can contain multi-media, and up to 1,600 characters. MMS are encoded in UTF-8 .

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“Set this up in a few minutes and now our homeowners
can just text into a Slack channel.”

— Stefan St. Marie